Svoyo cafe

What do You expect when visiting a cafe or restaurant to eat or spend an evening?
Of course, to have delicious meal! To be taken care of your comfort, to feel cozy.
We’ve found such a cafe! It is called "Svoyo cafe".

The main purpose of the staff of this cafe is to do everything necessary for every visitor to feel itself and say: It’s my place.
Modern interior, comfortable furniture. There are all the attributes of modern life: Plasma TV, nice music and free Wi-Fi. You can park your car in the closed guarded parking lot.

"Svoyo cafe" is a cozy corner of the city life.
It seems that you are in a cafe, but there are landscapes of Minsk in front of Your eyes – places, loved by citizens and guests of the capital. There is a VIP room for 24 people in "Svoyo cafe" if You want to spent some time alone with Your friends, or to hold a business meetings or negotiations.
You must know: You are always welcome here!
There is a hot coffee and fresh pastries at 11 o'clock.
From 12 to 15 hours You are invited by our chefs to have a lunch - special lunch menu and special prices.

If You like soup "like mother cooked", there is always a choice of soup, pickle, shchi (cabbage soup) and broth, cooked with a soul.
If You lead a healthy lifestyle and prefer greens and vegetables, please, pay attention to the salad variety. Meat, roasts, pilaf, burgers! – No one will go hungry. As our chef likes to say: “An army marches on its stomach” (Frederick William I, King of Prussia). Probably that's the reason why the staff of the nearest companies come here for lunch, no matter how difficult is their working day.

What about evening? “Svoyo cafe” meets visitors in the evening with a special menu – pizza at own recipes, firm dishes made by chef, Draught beer for experts and alcohol at good price. We also don’t forget about the sweet tooth, we offer a wide range of desserts. They are prepared with a special feelings in “Svoyo cafe”, because one can include fantasy in creating art work even from small desserts.

Staff of “Svoyo cafe” is glad to invite You to celebrate important events and your loved ones. Everything will be done for your celebration to be held at a high level, weather it’s a birthday or an anniversary, wedding or corporate event. Funny and not - the event should be celebrated in “Svoyo cafe”.

In the nearest future the project “Children in “Svoyo cafe” will start. A separate menu will be created for young visitors. Staff of cafe will help You to organize children's holiday, providing decoration, help with searching animators and toast-master, photographers and all those, who make the holiday memorable for You and Your children.

“Svoyo cafe” created for insiders. Insiders shouldn’t pay through the nose. It’s a rule to cook for insiders with one’s soul, to cook fresh products. Insiders are always welcome!

How to become insider?

Just come in “Svoyo cafe”
30, 2nd Velosipedniy Pereulok, Minsk
75, Partizanskiy Avenue, Minsk

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